Redirects in IE and FF

By jonipaloni
Dec 21, 2009
  1. Ive been on a week now and its gone from bad to worse although today was the only time ive had a clue followed your instructions, attached are the logs. please help thank you x
  2. jonipaloni

    jonipaloni TS Rookie Topic Starter

    just wondering if there's a reason people posting after me got a reply and I havent yet ?? : ) anything I've done wrong ?
  3. AnonymousSurfer

    AnonymousSurfer TS Guru Posts: 452   +40

    You havn't done anything wrong, it's just hard to keep track of people that post first. Anyway, please describe what is happening...

    Are you getting re-directed when you type in
    When you use google and search something, do you get re-directed?
    If so, how often (for ever 4 websites, how many get re-directed)?
    Is it using certain search engines like yahoo, google, etc.?
    Do some search engines work and others get re-directed?
  4. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    Welcome to TechSpot, jonipaloni. the first thing you need to understand is that we need your patience. Everyone want attention NOW! We do the best we can. I try to start with the oldest threads first- your isn't up yet!

    You say you've been on a week and things are getting worse- yet you post is only 24 hours old.
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