Reformat my XP

By tyman502
Jan 25, 2009
  1. Hello everyone let me first thank you all for throwing out some suggestions for this current problem. Now to the problem itself, im sure you have all heard about the Virtumonde virus, well iv'e gone through multiple removal steps ran ad-aware, Mcafee virus scan, tried to start up from a restore point. But nothing has worked and i plan on reformatting this Dell Dimension desktop. I also called Dell support but since it's out of warranty they will not give me service about reformatting with me forking over 50 bucks! So im reaching out to this community for help. I want to reformat this computer but i don't have the Windows XP disk, never did it just came preloaded on the system. Can i get a walk through on how to reinstall XP and reformat this entire pc. I just have on drive and that would be a C drive, any help is appreciated.

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    Put in for the dell backup disks a few minutes ago, is this virus progressive and will it grow? Just wondering if i should leave the computer dormant until i receive the disks from Dell.
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    1. If you have a home network, don;t leave connected to your network
    2. Aside from reformatting the internal drive you also need worry about disinfecting any external storage (e.g. usb drives and flash drives). As you can go through that whole reformat procces, reconnect an infected external driver, and bammm. you're infected all over again!
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