Reformatting for dummies (xp)

By Think
Jun 3, 2007
  1. I have some gross viruses & spyware on my computer (windows xp) and I want to reformat/reinstall it.
    This would be my first attempt buut..
    I currently can't get into BIOS right now. I restart the computer and press the key then I get "Utility Disabled! Press any key to continue..." What utility is disabled and how can I enable it?
    Yet, when I got into BIOS in the past my options are only to boot into the safe modes, repair mode ect. with nothing about booting from the disk. I'm suppose to go here correct?
    Based on other sites, it sounds pretty self explanatory after that - advice would be nice if you think otherwise.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated =)
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    Hi Think and welcome to the TS Forum :wave:

    If you cant get into the BIOS it maybe because there is a dip switch or Jumper on the board set to prevent BIOS access.

    You will need to google the make of your motherboard and download the user manual, it should tell you what to change.

    As for Safemode, repair mode, these arent part of the BIOS, these are part of Windows XP hidden boot options, available by pressing F8 as the XP splash screen appears.

    It is, once you have access to the BIOS, a case of setting the CD to be the first boot device then as the PC boots up, you may get a prompt such as

    "press any key to boot from CD"

    At this point press any key on the keyboad (please note all you comics out there, there is no "Anykey").

    Once you have started booting from the CD simply follow the guide that CCT has given a link for above (thanks for that CCT i have just bookmarked that page).

    Also make sure that you have all the needed drivers for any devices, XP is quite good with drivers, but there are always some it doesnt have.

    Actually whilst you are googling the type of motherboard, should you find a site for it, see if there are any drivers listed for your board, if so download them.

    If you have any further questions feel free to come back anytime.

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