registry compression

By xpgeek
Sep 1, 2006
  1. Using registry first aid platinum, been using it for years, best there is, and kinda bored tonight so was looking at the new features added in 5.0 that I've never used before;

    Registry Compression, a good idea ?

    I'm thinking, doesn't a compressed file take longer to access then an un-compressed one? So is it just for saving some space, which I don't care about at all, or does it make it faster too, which I care about.

    The help file says the following :

    "After a short while of deleting, adding and updating the registry data, the data becomes fragmented, with data and free space intermingled. This makes registry access slow. Registry First Aid allows you to defragment the registry with ease.

    The option Defragment the Registry is available on the home page of Registry First Aid. It starts the registry analyzing to detect which registry files need to be defragmented and can be compressed. Finally it shows original registry sizes, size after compression, saved bytes and compression ratio."

    But, there is no option to defragment and remove the empty space without also compressing it, so, registry compression, any speed improvement or just space saving ?
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