This is the first time I've posted online about a technical problem. Normally, I'm able to find solutions by reading forums such as these and trying out the solutions myself. Except in this case, where I am flummoxed. I will try to provide the necessary info., please let me know if I need to give any more details. Thanks.

I have an Alienware M14x, purchased in January 2012.
Windows 7 64-bit, i7 2670 QM, 8 GB RAM DDR3 1600 MHZ,

I have been experiencing regular BSOD errors over the past 3 weeks. I do not have any trouble while booting. These crashes occur randomly, while the laptop is on. It is mostly a DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and indicates a problem with netio.sys, except on one occasion when it pointed to tcpipreg.sys. I have read that netio.sys is probably not the driver at fault, it just indicates that there is some faulty driver. I did try to use Windbg, based on online tutorials, but my knowledge was too basic for that. I do not know how to analyze crash dumps, so I was not able to pinpoint the exact problem.
I have attached the last 8 dump files. (And can provide around 15 more, believe it or not).

I have updated all drivers, through windows as well as from vendor sites. I have already carried out most of the tests listed in the techspot guide, including memory test and virtual page file. I also turned Driver Verifier on to detect any faulty driver, in the hope that the crash dumps would yield better information, but to no avail. Hopefully, these attached crash dumps should provide the answers. Thanks a lot!



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They are pointing to your network driver. You might want to roll back to a older driver and see if that helps. Or go to the computer Venders site and download a driver.
I'm having a BSOD issue aswell. How do I go about setting up a new thread so that I am not interefering with this or anyone else's thread?


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Peponsonggobata go back to the main forum page. Scroll down to TechSupport. Click on the first Forum Windows Bsod& Windows freezing and restarting help. Once you open the window.On the left side at the top of the page you will see a button Post new topic. Click on this . Their you will be able to post your problems.