ReInstall XP with new  hardware?

By Nando
Sep 13, 2009
  1. Hi ,
    I have to install a new mobo in my desktop due to failure , as it's pretty old i can't use a like for like" board -it made sense to go for an upgrade.
    I've gone into the subject of replacing the hardware in a different thread on the relevant Hardware forum but before i go ahead i want to get the issue of reinstalling the OS clear in my mind .
    Windows XP Media Centre Ed 2005 was installed on the original system - which was ( ahem) Emachine jokes please i've learnt my lesson .
    Anyway i have the Op system Disc that came with the system - can i use this to reinstall after i install the new hardware ?I've read there could be problems caused by embedded drivers on this disc which could conflict with the new mobo ?
    I'm a bit confused by the whole OEM software issue and getting authorisation from MS - some people seem to say there is no problem but others say it can't be done and you have to buy a totally new XP disc .
    Can anybody please enlighten me -i realise this question must come up frequently with people needing to upgrade a mobo and reinstall the OS .
    Is there any way it can be done with this Disk or i do have another XP disc from another older system that went out of action a few years ago - this is also XP but Professional 2002 Ed (inc service pack ia) .
    This disk does state that it is for reinstalling OS software & does not include drivers -would this disk be ok to use - the only thing is i can't lay my hands on the Cert of Authentication Label that came with the XP Pro CD .
    I bought this Disk from a tech engineer -i still have the packet & Manual with the Disk in a sleeve .
  2. Tedster

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    Generally, you shouldn't use an factory OS disk on another system. You can try it and see if it works, but the problem lies with the licensing. You will have to call M$ to re-register the key. A better bet would be to borrow a regular OS disk and use the key from your old system. You cannot use this key on more than 1 system - it is illegal..

    if you do not know what the key is, or cannot find it, download and use magical jelly bean key finder to locate the key. write this key down before formatting the old system and using the installation disc on another computer.
  3. Nando

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    Hi Tedster ,
    Thanks for your reply - i guess i have 2 main questions with this really -
    do you think it is worth trying the emachines XP disc that came with the system - this disc obviously relates to the COA label on the back of the case .
    My concern here is the possibilty of Drivers etc being on this disc which would conflict with any new mobo fitted - do you think this is likely and if so is it possible to delete those "old" drivers before installing/downloading for the upgrade hardware ?
    Or- if i used my other XP Pro disc to install but then gave my COA details from the Emachine case (if requested) would there be any conflict - the thing here is i don't know if it would work as the emachine OS was XP Media Centre Ed 2005 but the other disc is i have is XP Pro 2002 ?
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