Release 24 pin ATX connector from mobo

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Hello everyone! Happy New Year!!

I am trying to replace the standard 300 watt power supply in my HP m7350n computer. It looks like I can handle it, except I am worried about the 24 pin connector that attaches to the motherboard (P5LP-LE). I don't want to break anything, and it doesn't want to release when I press on it and try pulling. I am tempted to use a tiny screwdriver, but that feels like a bad move.

Any hints?

The new 430 watt supply has a 20 plus 4 connector. This just attaches like the 24 pin connector but in two parts (right?)

Thanks, Gordon


Yes they are sometimes really stuck
You need to release the side connector (just squeeze it)
And really pull (maybe a little wiggle - not you the connector !)

Don't use a tiny screwdriver (you know it's going break something)
It's all about muscle !

20 pin plus 4 pin go together if your M/B is 24pin
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