Relisys TFT Monitor

By Maurice
Aug 6, 2004
  1. With my new rig, I got a "Relisys" 15" TFT monitor, & it's brilliant, very curvy, not the usual sharp-cornered light silver narrow frame, but no info sheet/booklet came with it.
    It was one I saw he was using in his workshop, & asked if I could have that particular one, he wasn't keen at first, but agreed when I insisted. He did show me an invoice showing the same serial number, dated six months previous.
    I was happy with that, I looked it up on Google, the retail price is £268, price of the whole rig, £565.

    After all this preamble, what I am asking is, anyone out there got one of these?, & did a booklet come with it?, I'd like to know the function of the buttons on the front, right-hand side, & when the PC is shut down, a message repeats "Important; no power", any way this can be stopped?

    Model TL540 S. rotatable screen, silver & metallic blue.
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  3. Maurice

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    Brilliant, Goalie, went there, & was able to scroll the 12 pages of the manual, but I could't print it, all I got were blank pages, apparently I need a further version of Acrobat Reader, but it was OK, I jotted down the sectons that I was interested in. Perhaps I can download the other version later, & print it off.

    Thanks, Maurice.
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