Remember this old gem? Mac vs. PC

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I came across this when browsing through YouTube the other day and it sure brought me back. For those who have seen it before, I'm willing to bet that years have passed since you did so enjoy the nostalgia. For those who have never seen it, OMFG, you really have to. It has got to be the greatest amateur application of CGI in a video production that I you will ever see. It's hard to believe that this video is now THIRTEEN YEARS OLD! It still holds up well though and is funny as all hell with all of the old tropes from that era like XP being better than Vista:
Oh yeah, they did a trailer for a part 2 but never made it. It's too bad because the trailer was absolutely amazing!:
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Let's call Vista what it really was, just barely a beta for Windows 7.
It did have native AHCI drivers. But really, how much faster was SATA 150 than IDE?