Remove Windows 7, put back Windows XP Media Center 2004

By dlakers8
Jul 28, 2009
  1. So long story short, I have an Aunt who foolishly downloaded and installed Windows 7 on her families HP m495c media center computer overtop their original OS (i mean she didn't even know it was a beta but just thought it was another windows update) anyways, it expires August 1, (she has the beta, not RC, and they would rather go back to what they had than worry about expirations) and they have asked me if i could help with this problem as i am the most knowledgeable in the family.

    i asked if they had an XP Media Center 2004 disk (thats what the sticker says but i realize there is a 2005 version) and of course they dont. They do have 1 Applications Recovery disk and 1 Driver Recovery disk, but thats it.

    Checking out the computer, i noticed they have a separate partition (D:\ drive) for the HP Recovery. I believe this is the best option to recover their old OS, but if anyone has any better ideas im welcome to hear them.
    (F:\ and E:\ are the cd drives)

    After reboot, i hit F10, and choose the Recovery Console, and there were 3 options.
    1. D:\ something -i forget the rest because im at home now but remember the other 2
    2. D:\I386
    3: C:\WINDOWS

    when i choose C:\windows im asked for Admin password, which i hit enter and after a brief moment it goes to the following

    unless of course i choose one of the other options it goes to those

    does anyone have an idea what i should be typing after C:\WINDOWS and go about reinstalling their original OS?

    any help would be appreciated
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