Removing a corrupt file/stopping chkdisk

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Feb 23, 2009
  1. two files becmae corrupted in firefox, prefs.js and localstore.rdf. They are however unremovable by delete. I mange to move the two files though out of the profile folder and into my documents. And no longer cause any issues, just two undeletable files now.

    Chkdisk, keeps running though at startup, since I know they are problem files, is there any way to stop checking the specific directory?

    Also, how could I remove these files, since windows won't let me in any way.
    There were methods of using knoppix or a linux boot to delete them, how might this be done to move the files into the linux environment?
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  3. arieas

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    Just tried it, unfortunately though the files are not actually being run for any process and thus have no need to be unlocked (no lock handler)

    They are doing a a bit of a 'Mugabe' on me.

    Thanks for the help though, that app is actually helpful in deleting some other stubborn files at last. :)
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    Don't unlock chose the delete.

  5. arieas

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    Wow, it worked now.

    I did try try delete before, though it said it was unable too. I have just rebooted and deleted the entire folder instead, and it appears to have worked.

    Thanks again.

    Now hopefully the chkdsk has no reason to run. Though to be sure, is there any sort of software than can scan for corrupted files? No need to fix or repair, just reveal them.

    chkdsk is failing to work, it appears to be freezing on the 2 stage, the one that normally takes the longest to complete. I left quite some time and it went no where.
    Tried safemode too, that seems to also fail loading. Might be the now gone, corrupted files for ckhdsk.
    Safe mode basically just holds after it loads and agp .sys file. Really should get new master drive anyway. Hopefulyl wont need it for the next few months.
    Really should maybe make a linux bootdisk for desperate times...
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    At the run command
    chkdsk /f /r
    click OK or Hit enter

    It will need exclusive access so reboot to allow it to do so before windows starts.

    Is this what you have been doing?

  7. arieas

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    No, its just been running by itself each bootup, though since just booted up for this session, it did not show chkdsk, and is probably because those corrupted files are now gone it has no reason too.

    I did use a command to disable chkdsk, it was more of a nuisance when the files were just moved form the app data folder. But the chkdsk did still run though when I clicked it through the hard drive 'disk properties'

    It seems there is no problem anymore though anyway, resolved for now.

    Thanks for the help.
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