Removing fonts in Win 2K

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Jan 21, 2009
  1. Hi;
    My dad uses a lot of fonts in MS Office 2000 on Windows 2000.
    He is trying to remove unwanted fonts, but there doesn't seem to be an easy way to do this.
    Some time ago, I thought I removed fonts from his machine, but they magically re-appeared. Is there a cache that keeps deleted files (besides the recycle bin)?

    Along the same lines, we have attempted to set default font, but Word 2000 keeps displaying the original font as default.
    Finally, the font list is completely out of order. We would like to arrange fonts in order of most used first.

    Is this a Windows issue, or an Office issue?

    I will appreciate any help.


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    MS office install had (I think) an option in the install for loading all those fonts. Try running install in repair mode and untick that option. Other than that, run control panel (type 'control' in 'run'), click on fonts and you should see the whole lot, which can be organised by 'similarity' to....., sorted by name, date, etc., and deleted on a right-click option. Somewhere or other in Windows there is an option to add to a detailed list all sorts of other properties, including (as far as I remember) a 'last date accessed' property which will nearly answer the question you posed about 'frequency of use'.

    Sorry if some of the facilities I mention do not apply in W2K. In that case I would find and download a free font manager - ample available on the web, which amongst other things would enable you to keep all fonts, but move unused ones to another other folder out of the way.

    I sympathise with the problem, anything over 50 fonts puts a great drain on your memory, a problem which MS has not really bothered to solve in later versions of Windows, although they have gone to great lengths to keep reissuing the same fonts under a different set of names in every OS and evey issue of office. Crazy. Completely crazy.
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    Can you give me the name and url for downloading one of the free font managers?
    I have gotten nowhere with Google.
    I found what I thought was a free product, but when I attempted to download, Norton Internet Security told me that it had blocked access to this site because it tried to attack my system.
    I don't want to take chances with sites like this. I would rather pay for a good, virus-free product.


  4. gbhall

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  5. fw2004

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    When I Googled, I included the word "Windows" in my search. That was a mistake<g>

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