Repairing registry in Windows XP following startup error

By milooshea
Feb 23, 2011
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  1. I have been receiving the following error message:
    “One of the files containing the system’s registry data had to be recovered by use of a log or alternative copy. The recovery was successful.”
    I started off using a fix suggested by Shinomen in a closed thread. However, that needed modification for it to solve my problem. My version is as follows:

    **Note: You must enable hidden files and folders under tools folder options**
    1. Create a temporary user account with administrative rights on the affected machine. Navigate to the affected user's profile directory and copy ntuser.dat to a folder named backup on your C: drive.
    (example for a user named dave: copy c:\Documents and Settings\dave\ntuser.dat to c:\backup)

    2. Once you have backed up the ntuser.dat file, overwrite it with the one located in c:\windows\repair\
    (example for a user named dave: copy c:\windows\repair\ntuser.dat to c:\Documents and Settings\dave\ )

    3. Log off the temporary account you have created and login to the affected user account and let windows fully load up. This will create a new ntuser.dat file under the user's profile.
    4. Exit from Safe Mode and reboot.
    5. You will then need to tweak the new account to suit your individual preferences, but all/most important data etc seems to be retained as far as I can judge at this stage. If you have lost anything vital your can restore the dodgy ntuser.dat file to run the temporary account and retrieve the missing data there.
    Hope this is of use to someone else!


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