Replacement motherboard suggestions

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recently i posted in this forum that my PSU blew up.
from the responses i got here, apparently my mobo got fried as well.

now, i am on a VERY tight budget, and i can´t afford to get new processor, gpu etc.,
i can only replace my psu and my mobo.

so i have a Radeon 4670 HD, 2x DDR2 1gb ram, and a AMD athlon 64 5600+ processor.
what mobo can i get which is the equivalent or better than my old mobo (Asus M2N4-SLI)
that can support everything that i already have? and also a similar PSU.

Also, someone told me in this forum that the only way i can check if my HD and other stuff got burned is by testing them on another machine. but is it possible in any way to check it without another pc? i dont have any money to spend right now, and i need to check if it´s 100% that i won´t have to replace anything else on my pc.

Thanks guys!!! my pc is burned for 2 weeks now, and i work with my pc... so two weeks without working, i am desperate...


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What is your budget?

This seems like a very decent motherboard and should suit your needs.

As for your HDD, you will need a working computer to test it.
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