replacing my AMD processor

By whiternoise
Oct 1, 2005
  1. I recently managed to screw up my processor (Xp 2700 socket A/462) when installing a new fan. I am going to buy a new one, so can someone give me help on how to install it without shorting or overheating it?

  2. Merc14

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    Remove the heatsink/fan unit (HSF) from the old CPU. Find the lever on the side of the CPU socket and gently unlock it and raise it up thereby releasing the CPU from the socket. Remove the old CPU and then carefully insert the new CPUas per the following: There is a little triangle in one corner of the CPU that you line up with a triangle on the socket. The CPU should, literally, fall into place. It doesn't click in or need to be forced. If it doesn't just fall into place then you aren't lined up correctly. Do not force it at all. Once the CPU is in the socket you lower the little handle and lock it, and the CPU, back into place. Apply the appropriate thermal paste to the CPU as per the instructions you'll find at the Arctic Silver website and then reattach the HSF as per the instructions that came with it. Plug the fan into the three prong CPU Fan socket and you are good to go.
  3. whiternoise

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    thanks, will do.
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