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By patrickh44231
Mar 8, 2008
  1. I was thinking. it's nice to know what overclocking is. but i havn't heard much on the nitty gritty. i dont feal like bugging people for every little thing i need. i mean dont get me wrong i'm absolutly gratefull for everyones help but i need to learn to walk on my own. so i thought maybe begining a list of good resources would be a start. Books are great e-book magazine articles e-book. maybe some sugestion on intermediate to advanced overclocking procedures? i've been reading all the post and i just dont ever hear things like cpu-on-die termination configurations, voltages seem to be avoided most of the time, (references of jiberish from my mobo manual) and things like 1t/2t timing seems like a good transition into the advanced memory settings and i was just wondering if anybody had any good reference material i could read or dl to help others in need as well. i just dont feal like "playing" with all my new setting and maybe having to pay for another 1400 dollar peace of equipment. i have the money but it's still money wasted if you dont learn anything and know the why's about the boom u just created. i feal like an ostratch with a head in the groud atm need somone to dig me out maybe. thank you for your time and effortz

  2. Matthew

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    This guide provides a fairly solid ground on what overclocking is.

    You're not going to have a thorough understanding of PC hardware and how it communicates after reading that, but I'm not so sure that's what you're aiming for anyway. I don't know of any books you can download for free off-hand.
  3. kpo6969

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  4. patrickh44231

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    paying for a good book isn't a big deal for me. i kind of see it as somthing i have with me to look threw is a good thing while i can't exactly view pdf's when in system bios. but note taking helps :p any sugestions?
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