Ressence's high-tech luxury mechanical watch Type 2 launches this April, for $42,500

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Watchmaker Ressence says it will be releasing its Type 2 mechanical watch this April. The timepiece is a nice looking analog with a few added technologies for convenience. However, that convenience comes at a very steep price.

The only time you have to set the Type 2 is when you first take it out of the box. When paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth, time is kept continuously accurate. The app can also assist in setting the second timezone feature. With two timezones set, pressing the “eCrown” will automatically move the watch hands to their new positions.

If you tap the sapphire, it will display how much charge remains on the battery. Small solar panels beneath the face keep the battery continuously charged. Without sunlight, the watch has a 36-hour runtime. However, if the charge is fully depleted the analog mechanics kick in and keep the dial ticking until you can get it charged again.

It also has another power-saving function. If the Type 2 is removed from your wrist for more than 12 hours, it will automatically hold the barrel of the mechanical movement. Once you put the watch back on, the barrel is released and will start running again when you tap the sapphire.

The 45mm watch face has a smart day/night mode that illuminates the numbers and hands in dimmer viewing conditions. It comes with your choice of either black or grey dial and either a fabric or leather band. The Ressence Type 2 starts shipping in April for a cool $42,500 plus tax.

The watch does look nice (you can see more of it on the Ressence website), but it’s about $42,400 outside my price range.

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Squid Surprise

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If I tried I couldn't buy/build a more expensive Pc setup than this watch.
Edit: I dare you to find a Pc and 3 monitors all together is more than $42,500. You could do a 3 by 3 monitor setup, if I get rich I will do that for my consoles ( Lenovo Y44w for a 1 by 3 setup).
So? I could easily find another watch that costs just as much or more....

Your comment is akin to me saying "That car is expensive! I can buy 10 PS4s for the same price!"

Luxury watches cost a lot of money... they always have... go check out the Rolex, Cartier, etc. websites if you don't believe me.