Restart or shutdown clients by using the servers


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The server has a software it shows the clients,yes and gives the option to restart selected clients but that allows (option) the users(clients) to select to restart in a couple of mins or now which i don't want,

i want to shutdown a specific computer(client ) when i feel that the user is stubborn to shut down or when it just too much work to shut down all computers... is there any way to do this? preferably without installing a new software even by using any other method than symantec cus thats mostly for the updates and so on...


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Set it on a script in AD. You do have AD domain right? Or set a remote task to that system there is third party freeware software for the LAN Shutoff one system. But Windows Task Manager can do this on the server level.


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Forced shutdowns with active users is a bad practice and rarely necessary.
The time delay gives the active user the ability to save his/her work before 'the lights go out'.
You only harvest ill will by forcing users off their systems.

From the AD, you can schedule activities like this to off-hour periods where no one cares :)