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Jun 27, 2007
  1. I have a problem because I installed a new mobo, graphics card, RAM, and processor into a new case for a friend's parents' computer. The only things kept were the cd rom, dvd rom, and hard drive. I installed a 480 watt power supply (logisys, cheap but good reviews) because I was hoping to avoid powering issues. Well anyway, it loads up and says windows failed to properly load last time etc... and asks me what mode to boot in or start up regularly. No matter what I press the computer will start loading everything (I can see partition.system32 files loading) but then it ends up showing a blue screen for a really quick system too fast to be read and then restarts the entire computer. In the bios, it detects all the roms and the hard drive. I'm not sure what's wrong with it but I'm going to try to install new drivers from the mobo next. I also wanted to ask about the anti-thermal grease because apparently a little bit of it got between the cpu socket and the cpu and now I'm paranoid as to what kind of problems that could run into because I've never had it before and was always told to avoid such an issue. What kind of problems could this create, and additionally, could this SOMEHOW be the reason for the system reboots? It was only 3 specks or so but I can't help but be worried. If anyone has any good info on anything that I've mentioned here please give me some feedback because it'd be much appreciated.
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    If you used a hard drive with Windows XP already on it from a previous installation, that is your problem. The Windows on that hard drive detected that it was on a new system and shut down, just as Microsoft designed it to do... You will need the certificate of authenticity sticker, and a phone call to Microsoft to get it right...
    And if it was from a recovery disc that detected a tattoo on an EEPROM, you will not have a chance with them.
    If you can tell Microsoft where the original Windows came from, and have the cerfificate of authenticity to back you up, you will be fine.
    But if the Windows XP and product ID were registered to the motherboard, and the motherboard is gone, then Microsoft's position is that the Windows Version died with the motherboard.
    However, you can still rescue the date off of it... using a few tricks.
  3. jdurbin6

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    thank you, that was extremely helpful and informative, I'm going to call Microsoft in the morning and see what I can do, I'll repost later about what happens. again thank you.

  4. Tedster

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    radical hardware changes will require a reformatting and reloading of windows. You cannot use your old windows with a new motherboard without reloading and reregistering windows. Windows is only licensed for one motherboard at a time.
  5. jdurbin6

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    that's not always true, I've done it a few times in the past and al that was required was when windows loaded a new hardware window would pop up and you just have to let it download new driver updates from the internet. Plus it detects the hard drive find AND windows is on it and it is trying to load it, I'll look into it but I'm first checking what Raybay said about calling Microsoft and having to reactivate windows on the new mobo so that I won't have to reformat, because I REALLY dont want to reformat this thing.
  6. jdurbin6

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    REPAIRING WINDOWS WORKED!!! now I just have to dig around and find that certificate of authenticity....thank you raybay and tedster :- )
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