Restarting problems-minidumps attached

By cmcf
Nov 21, 2005
  1. Hi guys

    I've been helping out a freind who is suffering with restarting problems which normally take place within 2 minutes of windows XP sp2 loading.

    could someone try and diagnose the attached minidumps

    many thanks
  2. cpc2004

    cpc2004 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,994

    Hi CMCF,

    The culprit of your friend's PC is ZoneAlarm. Probably ZoneAlarm is conflict with some of software at your friend's PC such as eMule and etc. De-install or upgrade ZoneAlarm may resolve the problem.

    The stack trace of the minidumps.
    ChildEBP RetAddr Args to Child
    f3873ce4 8054b0b9 00000070 00000000 f3873d44 nt!ExFreePoolWithTag+0x237 (FPO: [Non-Fpo])
    f3873cf4 f6a4d410 00000070 02ecf0bc f6a22899 nt!ExFreePool+0xf (FPO: [Non-Fpo])
    WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
    f3873d44 804de7ec 02ecf100 00010080 02ecf0bc vsdatant+0x43410 <-- ZA
    f3873d44 7c90eb94 02ecf100 00010080 02ecf0bc nt!KiFastCallEntry+0xf8 (FPO: [0,0] TrapFrame @ f3873d64)
    02ecf08c 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 0x7c90eb94
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