Restore programs in add/remove and start menu (back to before windows reinstall)

By aidsministrator
Jun 19, 2007
  1. Hello guys. wish you all have a good day.

    1. Yesterday my friend did something to my system (although he denies it) resulting a corrupted system folder. I tried to repair it using window's recovery console but it didn't help much.

    2. So I reinstalled windows xp on the same drive and folder (overwrite). Resulting a great 'lost' of previous profile settings.

    3. I managed to restore 'My documents' files from the previous user account folder (Documents and Settings/USER) to a new account folder (Documents and Settings/USER.ZAKI) and redirect the link of My Documents to the old one (C:\Documents and Settings\USER\My Documents).

    4. THE PROBLEMS are, most of my previous installed softwares are not properly functioning now. Mostly give an error stating "blabla not properly installed". And also, all that previously installed softwares are not listed in the Add/Remove Programs!

    5. What I want to know are,
    i) Is there a way to reset the system and re-guide it to use the previous account setting to the state before it was reinstalled (USER)? I want the Add/Remove to recognize all the previous installed programs.
    ii) How to properly redirect the 'Start Menu' to list down the programs list of 'All User'? Mine are now almost empty making it looks like no program is being installed.

    Please help me. Hope my post can help others having the same problem as me to gather what they need to know (it's hard to google for the exact solution from the net)

  2. Tedster

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    one answer: Crap cleaner. Download it. Use it.
  3. jongoster

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    hit did to many copys
  4. jongoster

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    im new dont what i did
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