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By gbhall
Mar 16, 2014
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  1. It's happening a lot lately - old posts from months and years ago get resurrected by someone adding a comment. Presumably the newish user does a search for some problem, finds the old post and then suggests their own solution - or not. E.g.

    It is asking a lot for people to notice that the original post is years old, so......I would like to see all posts over say 1 year old either marked as complete, or entirely locked for replies. In my suggestion marked 'complete' would not prevent new postings, it would just be a warning flag. A locked post could of course still be back-referenced.
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  2. Julio Franco

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    We used to have the policy of closing topics after a year of inactivity, but perhaps something changed in-between forum upgrades and disregarded this setting. I'll add it to our to-do.

    Thanks for reporting (y)
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