Ridiulously Low Framerate when using Direct3D or DirectDraw

By Anomaly
Oct 11, 2005
  1. Hey guys, I'm having a lot of trouble with my favorite game, Warcraft III:The Frozen Throne because nowadays whenever I start the game, every time I move the mouse the framerate drops to 10-20 FPS, thus making it virtually impossible for me to play. It's not just the game either, when testing DirectDraw and Direct3D via DxDiag, the same problem occurs, and there is a sudden framerate drop upon using the mouse. Thanks for any help in advance.

    Edit: I'd just like to mention that this started around a week ago, but I don't remember doing anything that might have caused this since then.
  2. something4u

    something4u TS Rookie

    I have the same problem as you do. The only fix I have for it is restarting before commencing a game and that ussually fixes the frame rate problem. It's really weird because I just installed a new Mobo / CPU / Graphics card (4400++, 7800 GT) while before i had no problems with my Radeon 9800SE. Could be bad drivers but I tried rolling back as well :/.....
  3. freeek

    freeek TS Rookie

    I have the same problem. My temporily solution was to do a restart before a game, but that isn't always working anymore. I only started to get my problems once I got my dual core
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