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    I am having an issue when I use an external microphone with my Sony PD-170 Camcorder. When it is connected, it has no buzz, and sounds fine. But accompanying the audio I hear through my headphones (or on the tape, afterward), there is a ringing or buzzing sound that rises and falls with the audio.

    I have switched the XLR cables that connect the microphone to the camera. I have fiddled with the connection, and it seems stable. I have tried turning the camera audio up and down. I have made sure that the microphone is in its proper stand, so that it picks up no extra vibration.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on what could cause this?
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    I don't know to much about video cameras, but when other type of sound devices I've dealt with exhibit these type of issues, the first thing I try of course, like you did, is change out the cables. The next thing, if changing cables doesn't fix things, I then take a q-tip and a very small amount of rubbing alcohol and clean the connection points. Sometimes build up of dirt, dust and the chemicals that come off the hands can distort the connectivity and therefore mess with the sound. Please just be aware, that this is nothing more than a "quick fix" and may or may not work.

    "Good Luck" :)

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