Roller Champions from Ubisoft looks to steal some of Rocket League's thunder


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Psyonix's hit Rocket League may finally have a competitor on its hands with Roller Champions, a sports game from Ubisoft that looks to offer the same adrenaline, aesthetic and close quarter tactical gameplay with a roller derby twist. The game pitches two teams of three players against each other who have to work together to bring a ball around the arena one, two or three times before shooting it into a hoop hung by a wall, as they skate around the track.

"The objective is to grab the ball and work with your teammates to dodge, pass, and score on opponents as crowds of fans cheer you on. Roller Champions is all about competition, so teamwork is key (and tackling the other team doesn’t hurt)."

The number of times a team can manage to take the ball around the track determines how many points (one, three or five) they get for scoring a goal. "...if you’re feeling lucky, you can skate past the goal and try to circle the track again before scoring, increasing the points you’ll earn at the risk of losing the ball and missing your opportunity to score."

Experience points (XP) are rewarded in the shape of a growing fanbase. As players progress through the game, fans will cheer and roar throughout matches and their growth will unlock new gear, outfits, animations and customization items.

Roller Champions officially comes out early next year and since it'll be free-to-play, it's likely going to garner some attention from Rocket League players.

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As a Rocket league player, this is mildly interesting. Looks way less involved than Rocket league, which means it won't get played much.