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Apr 14, 2007
  1. OK here is my problem....I have two xboxes(old school xboxes) and two wired computers and one wireless notebook running off a wireless-G 2.4 GHz LinkSys WRK54G router. I am constantly getting dropped on everything. Am I overloading this router?? I went and bought a NetGear RP614 which did nothing for my problem.

    And I just ordered a new Dell computer which comes with Windows Vista which I am sure is going to add even more problems to the whole mess!!

    Is there a way to connect the two routers I have together and run one xbox and one computer off each. Will that lessen the load on them?

    Are there routers that are compatible with xbox live and Windows Vista? If so please send me a link on where to find a list of them.

  2. Jimbo420

    Jimbo420 TS Rookie Posts: 356

    Do you have these drops when multiple devices are being used or does it still happen when you are only using one device? What speed is your connection?

    You don't want to get another router. If the Netgear one didn't make a difference I would see about returing that one. What you need since you have another computer and it sounds like you are out of ports is a switch. Just make sure you plug it into the uplink if your router has one.
  3. jobeard

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    BE SURE to update the firmware. The RP614 is great, but it does
    need the update (mine sure did!). Get the version number from the device
    or from the router setup page -- there's FOUR version of the device and
    each firmware update is hardware version specific!
    Don't get another router, but do get a 4-port switch.
    It will reduce the traffic in the LAN side of the router and give better performance to your
    other systems.
    not an issue, as everthing on the network is independent of the OS that is
    accessing it, eg the cable/dsl modem + router + (switches) + cables to your system(s).
  4. mooserny

    mooserny TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for all the help.
    I am running off cable modem (Roadrunner) i checked the netgear router RP614 for a version and since it does not show a "v" number I assume it is version 1. I also went to xbox live site and they show different routers that are xbox compatable but just what would make a router xbox compatable? Isn't a router just a router. Being noobish to that I got another question: What is a Switch? And how does that work? I was also thinking about seeing if Roadrunner could boost my Bandwidth some (for a fee i am sure) that can't be a bad thing can it??

    Thanks Again,
  5. robin_bga

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    a switch is a device that connects from a router or another uplink to multiply a gets one link and produces many other links depending on the ports it being u have a router and u have those computers, xboxes u will need to interconnect all of u will configure yo router as a central server and a switch as a signal multiplier.wish u luck. Robin
  6. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,128   +982

    Look carefully at the tag on the router. Mine is V2 and it's 2 years old!

    I have a roomate with xbox360 accessing thru my RP614+dlink switch; works
    find and does not impact my other WIRED systems.

    ps: there's no config on a standalone switch either :)
  7. mooserny

    mooserny TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey jobeard,
    I really appreciate all the help. Ok, I am considering buying this switch. DES-1108 8-Port 10/100 Unmanaged Desktop Switch from D-Link®. What do you think? I know it is 8 port and all. But with my kids who knows what we will be adding to it in the future. Do you think it is overkill??

    My plan as of now is to reconnect the netgear router when I get a switch and run it with that router. As near as I can tell after giving the netgear router a good looking over there is no version # on it. So I guess it is version 1. Which seems a little odd since it is only like 2 mths old or so and there are 4 versions of that router.

    Anyways Thanks Again For All The Help,
  8. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,128   +982

    DO NOT update the firmware without getting the version number RIGHT!
    If you get the wrong one -- your dead.

    access the config page using your browser and enter exactly
    the title on the page shows the model and version RP614v2 (for mine).

    yea, the 8-port is an over kill. The only reason I added the switch was the
    physical wiring.
    the modem was in a corner and two systems were down the adjacent walls,
    so adding the switch allowed me to stretch the cables to the far ends of the room :)
    Only later did I also see the impact on lan traffic reduction on the switch side.
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