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Router issues

By omegafate ยท 5 replies
Dec 21, 2008
  1. i have a belkin G+ MIMO wireless router (bought at wal-mart)

    its been rebooting itself

    mainly at night time

    i have already heard to go get it replaced and such

    but im wondering if there is a actual way of fixing such a thing

    if any one knows or has advice go for it
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,243   +234

    Wal-Mart has an easy return policy... use it to get another router. It sounds like the AC power supply might be defective
  3. adweston

    adweston Banned Posts: 242

    The easiest way to fix it is return it to Wal-mart and never, ever buy another Belkin.... You want a great wireless, buy an Engenius or even a few of the Linksys brand.

    Sorry to say this, but Belkin is absolutely terrible.
  4. omegafate

    omegafate TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 104

    hmm so thers no way in to actually fixing it cuz the 30 day expired early this year

    lol sorry i didnt explain that earlier
  5. adweston

    adweston Banned Posts: 242

    Oh. :(

    Ummm. No, not that I know of. Honestly, it's not worth your wasted time when you consider the value of a new part. Unless either a) your time isn't worth anything to you or b) you love to tinker and the thrill of outsmarting the little devil. hehe.
  6. omegafate

    omegafate TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 104

    either way or the 3rd

    prolly buy a new one here soon any ways

    thanx though lol
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