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Jan 10, 2006
  1. I am unable to access the modem/router config webpage. I type in the correct Lan IP yet it still does not let me in. It gives the msg "page not found". I have tried reseting the Netcomm modem/router to restore its factory settings but that still hasnt worked. I was able to access the config page earlier today but now my web browser can not find it anymore. any helping replys would be very appreciated
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    I don't know about helping might be from Cork!!

    Are you cabled in to the router using a LAN port?? usually the default IP on home routers is you tried runnning \\ from the run prompt( where is the ip address of your router) this could eliminate a browser issue...if you can give more details il try and help best i can
  3. Langer_77

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    i am connected to the router via ethernet cable and i tried running it from the run prompt but still no luck. The ip was always but for some reason today it changed to and im unable to access the web config page.
  4. toffeapple

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    run ipconfig /all from commmand prompt this will display you default gateway which should be the ip address of the router....if its picking up dhcp

    configure your pc with a static ip address of say.. so its in the same range as the router and see if this helps...i doubt the ip addres of the router has changed but maybe your pc is not picking up an ip addres from DHCP of the router
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    the other common router address is

    unplug the router from the modem and restart it. There's a reset button on the
    back- push and hold for 5 seconds.

    you should be able to access either or

    notice the absence of http://
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