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Ruined my Internet connection

By roweenie
Dec 26, 2012
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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this forum, and I'm kind of a tech-challenged individual, so here's my problem:

    I ran an ethernet cable out to my workshop from the main house - the one end of the cable was connected in the house to a wireless router, the other end in the workshop to my computer, via ethernet cable. Everything worked great.

    Then, I tried to add a second wireless router in my workshop, using the directions that came with the router. Not only did it not work, but now my broadband will also not work. I get an error message saying there is no cable connected, or it's broken. I know this is wrong, because before I tried this, it worked just fine.

    I hope I didn't break my computer!

    Does anyone know how to:

    A: tell me how to restore my broadband connection

    B: hook up this router so it wll work, or

    C: all of the above.

    Thank you!!!!!

  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,432   +801

    First, disconnect the new wireless and verify the original PC in the workshop is ok.

    Now prepare the new Wifi router like this;
    • disconnect all wires from it
    • connect one cable from any LAN slot to a PC (and don't have that pc connected to anything else while doing this setup)
    • on the pc, open your browser and as a URL, enter the IP ADDRESS of the WiFi device(A)
    • you will get a prompt for user/password(A)
    • find the LAN setup tab
    • disable the DHCP service
    • (while you are here ...)
    • create a SSID that you will recognize when attempting to connect wirelessly
    • you should also enable and create encryption phrase (WPA2 would be best, WEP is least acceptable)
    • disable REMOTE management and port 8080
    • set a new login password (write it down!!!)
    • save the settings and the router should restart and force you attempt a login (ignore it as you are done)
    (A) the IP Address and user-id/password are specific to you router - - specify the make/model number of yours please

    Once you reach this point, you're ready to rewire;

    Take a cable from the older router(lan) and run it to a (Lan)slot on the new router.

    All systems will now be assigned IP addresses using the original router and all WiFi connections will use the
    encrypted connection to the new router.

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