Rumor: Apple music subscription could start at $10/month


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Apple is in talks with major record labels to provide a subscription-based music service, allowing unlimited access to songs for a monthly fee. Citing unnamed sources, the New York Post said Apple iTunes boss Eddy Cue talked to music labels about how they could implement this plan just a few weeks ago. The service would reportedly have tiered pricing ranging from $10 to $15, depending on much music would be included and how long consumers would be able to access the content. That's...

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I don't like any of this "streaming all the music you want" services. I want to keep the music I listen to and not pay a subscription to be given the privlige in order to listen to the music. I would day any subscription based music streaming service is a rip off, except microsoft's where you got to keep a certain amount of songs each month, I liked that Idea but then really its still pricey considering.


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I'm with burty117. I'm a music junkie and the amount of music I own is embarrassing. But I love it and love to burn CD's or load up my various mp3 players with different types of music.

Streaming doesn't serve my needs other than possibly discovering new music. And I have the (free) radio for that.


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well i'm all for this. Maybe MS will lower the zune pass price thats what i want!

...hey if apple does do this, i bet ppl are going to be like "OMG apple did it first!!!"


How much of your music collection did you actually buy? If you don't pay for it then a subscription of some sort doesn't really make any sense. As for me, I like to listen to music not spend hours searching it out or just being able to listen to what I bought. The idea of a sub that lets me listen to tens of thousands of tracks and not have to commit more than $14 per month such as with the Zune Pass is a godsend.


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I bought everything I have. Sometimes 3-4 times for the same songs. For example, Led Zepplin III on LP, then on 8-track, then on cassette, on CD and now (sometimes if I get lazy and don't feel like ripping a CD), mp3. Which ticks me off because I wonder how many times I'm going to have to keep paying for the same music just because the media type has changed.

Again, paying for streaming music doesn't work for me. I have a radio for that and now most HD radio stations broadcast for free. Only difference is with streaming, you don't have as many commercials.


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I think this is ok if they make it some how you can transport them to portable devices to use offline. A cache type of thing like slacker radio has.