Rumor: Sony to acquire a cloud gaming company


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Rumors have been doing the rounds the past few days claiming Sony might be making a move into the cloud gaming space. Speculation first started when VG247 posted an article...

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I can't help but think this is where we'll first see those game interrupting ads we all recently read about.


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I still won't buy into such a service until I can access it when I want, where I want. It's bad enough playing a game off my computer, which happens to be single player, but still need to maintain an internet connection.
Step 1: Global Wifi
Step 2: Make it affordable for everyone
Step 3: Insure reliability
Step 4: Cloud based computing and gaming
There's three very important steps being skipped here, anyone else notice this?
Step 5: Sony destroys the industry by introducing game interrupting adds...


Gaikai , Warner Bothers, and Turbine have been working on a deal to stream Lord of the Rings Online. Sreaming a MMORPG from the cloud, that would be new