Rumor: Windows Mobile 7 delayed (again) to 2011

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Jan 11, 2010
  1. According to the folks at Bright Side of News (BSN), Microsoft has "definitely" postponed the release of its anticipated Windows Mobile 7 to 2011. The site claims to have received confirmation from many sources, including representatives from Microsoft, Lenovo, Qualcomm, TI, Nokia, Nvidia, HTC and more.

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  2. We've been promised that Windows Mobile 7 will debut at Mobile World Congress. Everyone assumed Microsoft was referring to the upcoming Mobile World Congress in February (2010). Did they really mean 2011?

    I think the rumor must be incorrect. The press will be gathered at MWC next month, and everyone expects to see Windows Mobile 7. Microsoft must reveal something very big, something game-changing. A mediocre update, or one that is just trying to copy other platforms, will be treated very poorly.

    When WM7 was pushed back from 2009 release to 2010, the excuse was that major changes were being made. Therefore, we expect to see something major next month. Any more delaying tactics would not be tolerated by the industry or the OEMs.
  3. Vrmithrax

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    For a company so set on trying to capture back some of the smartphone market, a delay like this will definitely cost Microsoft. Slow progress, coupled with competitors like Android screaming hardcore into the smartphone arena, may create a lag that MS just can't recover... Even if Win7 Mobile is awesome, giving up a year of strong competition to the rivals just gives the rivals more time to establish a dependent following.

    But, then again, maybe it's just a false rumor... Only time will tell.
  4. Personally, I've been a Windows Mobile user for quite a few years now. I like the new changes in Windows 6.5 and even 6.5.3, but if Microsoft does the same thing they did at CES in regards to Windows Mobile 7, then I'm jumping on the Android bandwagon. Don't disappoint me Microsoft, or you'll lose a once dedicated customer.
  5. another epic fail, microsoft
    keep squeezing your windows monopoly all you can, and come up with these strategies while the cash lasts...
  6. "Treat this with a degree of skepticism" -- indeed.
  7. who needs that crap? i have old asus 620 with win mobile 2003 CE, all i used to do with it is doing my tests and exams at university
    playing worms world party, solitaire and bejeveled till now
    its desent replacement for my 15 year old tetris
    it can be used as remote replacement
    it have only 1-2 hours battery life
    pocket pc outlived its age

    smartphones? y would any 1 update smartphone only to get win 7?
  8. I don't believe it is delayed.. not for a second. This is great PR building by Microsoft, the hype just continues to build for the unveiling of WM7 in Feb... hopefully they get it right though.
    Only time will tell I suppose.
  9. ET3D

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    I've used Windows Mobile for a while (6.0 and 2003SE), and frankly I'm not going to buy another Windows Mobile phone. Unless Microsoft introduces Windows Update that allows the OS and built in apps to get fixes and updates regardless of the phone brand. Then I might consider it.
  10. fwilliams

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    Just marketing hype to get everybody clamoring about it.
  11. compdata

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    Time will tell, but they are definitely behind the curve with mobile device software right now.
  12. Pure BS. Neowin debunked it.
  13. Who cares? I recently bought a Windows Mobile Smartphone. Worst mistake ever. It can't even function as an alarm due to it's outdated, buggy, Windows CE 5.2 based OS. Unless WM 7 is a complete overhaul starting from scratch I won't be taking any notice what-so-ever.
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