Rumored Apple "iWatch" to feature curved glass design


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Fueled by sources purportedly familiar with Cupertino's developments, a report by The New York Times indicates Apple's rumored wristwatch-like device will feature curved glass. Rumors suggest the "iWatch", as it is being called for now, could enter production as early...

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Siri might be in there?! Sweet! I've wanted a talking watch ever since seeing **** Tracy with one.

I'll bet it'll do everything it advertises wonderfully, except tell time.


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**** Tracy may prevent crApple from getting a patent on this - at least it should, given US patent law that says that anything from the movies cannot be patented after the fact.

OMG, what will crApple do? :)


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It looks interesting to say the least. I would hope that two versions would be released. One for Iphone the other for everyone else. I know thats too much to hope for but hey....a consumer can dream right?? Wait I forgot....Apple is patening dreaming.


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Apple probably saw the pebble startup thing and thought to themselves "someone is trying to enhance our product and get money from it, we must kill this competition!"

I seriously wont be surprised if apple sues pebble soon.


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It is actually going to be the iSwatch and it will come in different styles, but you didn't hear it from me.


Smart Watches are hardly new technology - yet every apple user will swear no one has anything like it. As they always do.
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Blue Falcon

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If you already have an iPhone, what's the point of an iWatch? Oh wells, Apple sheeple will lap this up to add to their repertoire of redundant Apple devices.