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Running a linux server

By arieas ยท 4 replies
Aug 9, 2008
  1. I have a web script to test out. After much searching I tried to find a free web host just to test the script before further development. It requires cron, which a windows server does not support, from my understanding.
    I looked into setting my PC as a linux server instead, so I downloaded VMware to set up Ubuntu and try a server from that to test script and share the development folder between windows and linux.

    Is it possible though to run a server in VMware (or other virtual pc) to be able to connect in windows, need to test in both IE and firefox eventually.

    I did try set-up ubuntu on VMware, though GNOME fails to start and the cursor becomes unresponsive to both the VMware and in windows, requiring a restart of the system.

    Does ubuntu have server software to run cron? I was told that's all that's needed.

    I don't want to dual boot, not on my current PC anyway, but is there anything I can do to work with linux within, or with windows?
    I did get linux to work in MS virtual PC, so may try that again, was very slow though, suppose the extra RAM will make the difference however.

    I could pay for hosting for cron to save time, but I just want to try it out, develop a little maybe, see if I find it interesting to work with, so paid hosting just does not seem worth it.
  2. BorisandBailey

    BorisandBailey TS Enthusiast Posts: 154

  3. j4m32

    j4m32 TS Rookie Posts: 49

    Hello there,

    Ubuntu and SuSE Linux both have a method of Installing on an NTFS Partition,
    if you're not prepared to install on a separate partition and star messing with the Hard Disk,
    but do want to give Dual Boot a try.

    So if you have the free disk space you just select a Disk Size, it creates a file on the Disk, you partition it as you wish and a boot menu, and you're set ... off you go.

    My personal preference is SuSE.
    Ubuntu does the job, but I don't find it as familiar as SuSE personally.

    You also have the option of Damn Small Linux and running it within QEMU on Windows
    (50MB + Extra tools).
    It will take some editing of Files and stuff, but I think it might do what you want...

    So long as you edit the starting Batch Script "dsl-vhd.bat" or the "1st-boot.bat",
    allow it to have about 256MB-512MB of RAM [ "-m 256" / "-m 512"].

    Use the Hard Disk creation utility "quemu-img.exe" and use the "dsl-base" start up batch to use "mk2fs /dev/hda", maybe 1GB for a Hard Disk at maximum,

    It also has NVidia / ATi Drivers, which DO make a small difference with Graphics Update speed...
    Means you can scroll a page in FireFox / Dillo / Opera,
    without huge frame latency and miss something...

    You can actually get it to run surprising well for what you need, as I've recnetly done all this myself...

    Windows NT base has a Task Scheduler Service with is meant to be the equivilant to UNIX Cron.
    I've never used it, but can supposedly be interacted with in a similar way to UNIX Cron.

    Hope that enlightens your options [& minor knowledge].

  4. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,432   +801

    making this WAY TOO difficult;

    download Apache2 for Windows; It install as you expect and runs fine even on my laptop.

    re cron: NO webhosting company allows
    • long running processes
    • cron jobs

    You need to consider WHY cron and how to perform tasks within the normal
    Client/Server paradigm
  5. yes it is possible to do this through vmware. i did this at school. you just need to install vmware and create a network interface that is bridged. This means it shares the cable and is directly connected to the switch/router.

    i used suse 10.3 as my webserver but ubuntu works as well as did fedora.
    I am sure most other distributions would work but i have not used them personally so can't say.

    Sorry for mega late reply. i only joined today
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