Running diferent speed drives off one raid controller

By sicarius
Aug 17, 2002
  1. I run a 2100s with to 15k 9 gig cheetahs in a raid 0. On that same chain I run a 18 gig cheetah as a storage drive. The raid first then the storage drive. I kind of started wondering if that may not be the thing to do. Also if it doesnt hurt to do that can you move your swap file down to the slower drive without hurting anything.

  2. lludacrisboy

    lludacrisboy TS Rookie Posts: 24

    it will not hurt at all to put different speed drives onto the same raid controller. RAID= Redundant Arrary of INDEPENDENT Discs. the only things that would matter is a size issue if you have a raid 5 set up or so. but otherwise your fine.

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