Runtime Error C:\Program Files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe

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Hello i have a problem with my computer.

My computer has the following Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error

Program: C:\Program Files\internet explorer\iexplorer.exe

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the applications support team for more information.

Could someone please help my with this runtime error.

Yours sincerly Thijs Francissen

The netherlands


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I've had that problem before after I downloaded something I shouldn't have. To fix this problem I had to do a reinstall of XP. I don't know if your problem is as serious but I couldn't get IE to work and it was my only option. I didn't actually reinstall XP. My HP computer comes with a nice feature called "Non Destructive System Recovery". It pretty much restores everything to factory defaults. If you don't have that you could reinstall XP if that's what you're running. Did you download something recently that could have caused this?? Do you remember when it happened? You could do a system restore to a time before that happened.
At another forum people were talking about this specific Runtime error being caused by the Google Taskbar, which I have (version 2.0114.9). It was recommended to uninstall it, which I have and so far all is well, although it has only been one day, and I had this error pop up again before, when I least expected it. Will keep you posted.
Thank you !!!

I had the same error message, and indeed, uninstalling the Google toolbar fixed it ! Thank you all !!!



Google Taskbar == Trojan

I second the motion. Google Taskbar nearly trashed my Win98/se desktop.
Absolutely amazed the Google would do this! Great search engine but #$%^,
major black eye to their image with Google Taskbar :blackeye:

Word on the street is, UNINSTALL immediately.
yes yes yes !!

:bounce: once more today, one of my computers was running really slow, no spyware, no virus, nothing special detected, excepted..... google toolbar !!! and what happened after I removed it... it worked back to perfection !!!! ha ha ha !!!! if Mr. Google was right in front of me now, I'd give him a spank !!! :bounce:
Thanks all, I've had the same problem for a few weeks, did several restores, IE worked fine first run, then continued to have the problem, obviously each time it loaded Google Toolbar. Removing it fixed the problem straightaway!
Runtime Error

Just a question about the error you guys wer getting.

I don't have the google toolbar but I'm still getting the runtime error at random times.

I also don't have access to My computer as well. I get the same runtime error only it says explorer.exe instead of iexplorer.exe

Any thoughts

The best thing I would recommend right now if you can't find a solution to quickly correct your problem, is to download another browser.
I have this problem with internet explorer as well time to time, but the problem only ever arises when I used that specific program.
It won't happen with other browsers, I'd recommend Moxilla Firefox because most websites make their programs and viewing options accessible for that browser as well. I've never have a problem with Firefox.
Just a thought, but the explorer.exe issue, not the iexplorer.exe issue, might be related to something in your registry.
Check on google, lots of times, people have the same problem.
That's how I found out how to fix my computer when it crashed.


overkill & payton; This is a thread from 2005! Please create a NEW thread with your
symptom of Runtime Error in (I)Explorer.exe

be sure to include
  1. system specifications
  2. os version and {2k, xp{pro,home} or Vista}
  3. and use the event viewer to capture the precise error
to get to the Event Viewer
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