Russian hacker group reportedly steals 1.2 billion passwords

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Aug 6, 2014
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  1. Hold Security, a Wisconsin information security firm, has revealed to The New York Times that a small Russian hacker group has amassed a humongous database of usernames and passwords. In total, the group allegedly has 1.2 billion username/password combinations, stolen...

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  2. Likelihood of changing all my passwords every time a story comes out about "hacker group steals a bazillion passwords".....low. Numb.
  3. TheLastPanda

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    Isn't there a difference between stealing hashes and stealing passwords? I doubt a dozen Russians will run hashcat long enough to break good passwords with at the low hanging fruit they can get in a few days. Or did they actually intercept pain text passwords?
  4. I like this post because it makes sense.
  5. @TheLastPanda
  6. For me I use a random password generator for all my passwords and yes they are diffrent
  7. My LastPass has my back so I'm not worried about this incident.
  8. My password is : notrealpassword
    They will never use this one. It is not real

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