Rustok-N, completed 8 steps

By metalronin
Dec 3, 2008
  1. Hello i recently have been having very bad connectivity issues with my wireless internet....i need to reload a page about 11 or so times before it can actually connect and load a web page...i got several errors informing me of an IP confilct on my network same goes for my wifes pc which shares my connection... this error stopped occuring after i renewed/got new IPs for both PCs but the connectivity is still extremly spotty....then after 2-3 days of this i was trying to watch a video on a website which informed me that i could not watch the video because my computer was infected with a trojan called Rustok-N that was attacking there site..i imediatly was alarmed but also thought that it might explain my connectivity after many previous scans i found nothing after the 8 step process i found 2 threats one with malware bytes (Worm.Bagel) and one with super spy (misc. Trojan ) ...and neither where named Rustok-N...i let the programs remove them but still i get crappy internet and no internet video here are my logs i look forward to your help thanks in advance.
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