Ryzen 7 5800X3D vs. Ryzen 7 5800X: Zen 3 Gaming Shootout


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Someone said it earlier - these folks merely want to argue. If this was a website about dogs or cats they'd pick a different breed to yours and claim it superior. At this point they're merely trolls.

And heaven forbid a human being who works for a living can't decide to buy a chart topping gaming CPU for the same MSRP the 5800X used to be without some wannabe whatever raining on your parade of wanting to have the swansong processor that will fit into your motherboard being the best gaming benchmarked CPU you could possibly get. The facts are the facts. If people don't like you having some bragging rights for a half a year that's their problem - not yours.

The benchmarks have spoken, the market has spoken, your wallet and bank account will speak for you, and no amount of some disputatious know-it-all actor stating you can open a windows folder or website browser or word document a few nanoseconds faster using a different CPU should change your mind.

This is not a limited edition chip, it will be back in stock. Amazon as a seller, all the tech sites, and AMD itself show and claim it flew off shelves and out of stocks because of the huge demand. I wonder why the demand was so high for this particular CPU? Can anyone guess? Like... duh!?!

So just roll your eyes at these nuggets, do what makes you feel good with the money you earned and proud of your computer, and consider there will always be people who have these sorts of psychological complexes. Don't let their problems become your problems. Snicker at their drivel, maybe display their little white lies and exaggerations as I have, and move on.

But don't feel bad for 'em - at least they've got Twitter to fall back on if they wanna' argue for approval (at least for now ;)).

edited: do note according to reports this CPU undervolts and uses curve optimizer like a champ. Wish I could test it meself!
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Amazing Review!
Could you add Benchmarks with the 9900K (or 10700K, 10900K, representing the Skylake-Era CPUs) @ DDR4 4000-4000 MHz RAM speed? Most of the people wanting to upgrade their CPU own an Skylake-Era CPU (6700K-10900K) which scale decent with faster memory.


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Never said I was upgrading just for HOTS. You assume too much just to argue. Nothing factual about your posts whatsoever.
I didn't say you are. I responded to the guy saying its' a great update for playing HOTS, which is just not. Im playing dota 2, do you think a 4090 would a good upgrade for me?