S-Video on Radeon X600 not consistent

By jsmileb
Apr 22, 2006
  1. Running a Dell Dim 9100 with the ATI X600 card. Use it as a Personal Video Recorder. On playback I run a 25' S-video cable to the big screen TV.

    First problem: Getting the signal recognized. I usually have to fool around with the connection quite a bit to get the TV to recognize the signal. I do have the TV set up properly. Usually have to try combinations of the monitor off, disconnected from computer, etc. Can find no instructions on proper setup of the video card. Always get it to work, but takes too much jacking around.

    Second problem: Aspect ratio off, picture on the TV is usually off center. The aspect ratio on the TV appears to be a 3:4 ratio, that being 3 wide and 4 high.

    Am I dealing with a settings problem on the video card or the TV? If someone could point me in the right direction, eternal gratefullness will accrue.
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