Sadly using generic video card for gaming

By ahhcmonpam
Jul 29, 2009
  1. I have a Toshiba laptop that was 'built' to run Vista in 2007 ... immediately went out and paid for a new XP software to get the local computer techie to install my old operating system. Mr. Gates took in a lot of money by offering Vista before it was due.

    Still wish I knew then what I know now -- gaming with a generic video game is no fun! I play WoW on one of their 'Care Bear' servers, so I don't need to move real fast or anything!
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    Sorry to hear about your grief, but all WoW servers are carebear servers.
  3. ahhcmonpam

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    Care bear WoW servers

    yea, I know -- which is just my speed! I am a 51 year-old woman! My son says the game is lame, but he used to do graphics as a character designer for the Stargate peer to peer game -- (not sure if it is out yet)... I don't even 'duel' other players! I am a live and let live kind of player, unless you are an animal I can skin, or some ghoul!

    I did create a Horde character, but I hated having to eat the dead!!!
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