Samsung announces 5.5-inch, full-metal Galaxy A7


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Samsung may have recently killed off the Galaxy Alpha smartphone, but that doesn't mean it's giving up on devices with a premium metallic build. After replacing it with the similar, but cheaper Galaxy A5 and A3, the company is now following...

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The A7 is too big for my liking, I'd prefer the A5 and I hope these devices come to my country at reasonable prices because I'll be replacing my current S4 mini later this year. I couldn't care less about the construction materials, all my phones get put in cases anyway.


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Full metal body with a 720p screen. So, not a flagship model then.
I would hope they will bump that up to 1080p at least, as it's a large screen.


Finally, 5.5 inch version.. maybe for other it feels too big, personally I prefer my phone display around 5.3-5.5 inch..
but, too bad if it's still 720p, I prefer 1080p although I cant tell the difference :D


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Sweet. 720P is good enough for me, although 1080P would be nice. I prefer long lasting battery life anyway. I hope Samsung will slab WP10 on it.


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For all of those that don't like the screen, probably in a month or two Samsung will follow up with a new phone with same/better goodies =)


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People are so used to 1080p they want it even tho it's pretty much pointless. 720p works for me.


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I'm about ready for a new product model name. "Galaxy" devices are seemingly in every Samsung line-up; Note, Tab, Phones. Then follow up each with a slew of letters and numbers, and it makes the results a bit too cluttered when you search for things like screen protectors.

My Galaxy Note 3 is a bit to big for use as a phone. But I use it as a mini tablet, for which I think it's perfect.

Uncle Al

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They might look silly when the old folks put it up to their ear, but when they are looking at your evaluation report and deciding on your next raise, that big screen is working in YOUR favor! LOL