Samsung announces 830 Series SSDs, coming in October


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Samsung has joined the ranks of OCZ, Crucial, Intel and other major SSD players in releasing a SATA 3.0 (6Gb/s) flash drive. Built on the success of its 470 Series…

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wow that is slim, I just want to see SSD's to become cheaper already.. I wonder how much it takes to make them .. (money wise).


That might be quite a while man. Hard disks took a long time to drastically lower in price. Plus companies don't make much profit from SSD's. Plus it'll be a while before they become popular. Plus it'll be a while before people trust them to hold their data with all the news of these drives shipping with bugs. Simply put, it'll be a while.


It's amazing how fast the solid state drive industry is moving. Samsung is really getting into everything flash related. I can't wait for my SSD to come in.