Samsung demos transparent smart window prototype


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Samsung showed off its transparent display technology at last week's Consumer Electronics Show, demonstrating its potential use as replacement for actual windows at people's homes. The CES 2012 innovation award…

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Absolutely that technology will be extremely costly right now but with all things, it'll eventually be affordable for average consumers. Very exciting stuff right here. I've seen something similiar to this where they could pull up traffic data and such on a windshield of a car.


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This could be an interesting technology to incorporate into certain fields, but I'm not too sure home windows would make sense - at least until the tech is really cheap.

An information display embedded into something like display windows at a zoo or aquarium would certainly be cool, though. Sales window displays. Heads-up displays (or tactical for military) in windshields maybe... Places where cost is less of an issue, at first.


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Wow, the old sci-fi stuff gets realised. I remember first seeing this in Alien-2 when Ripley was sitting on a bench by this huge screen playing a park scene, looking quite realistic, and now it comes to reality, what do you know...


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how bout cheap basic "glasses" for a Hud type thing for gaming? like, it would show your health and ammo and stuff, then if someone sent you a message, you could pull it up. and it wouldnt block your TV and stuff.


the thing is, sci-fi by picturing futur techs, adds to the probabilty that they will exist at one point


WOW it can become transparent to not on demand, while being a capacitive display? THIS IS THE FUTURE.

Samsung truly is one of the few innovators in the CE industry.


wow, that is pretty impressive tech. However, we all know how often windows get broken due to children or high winds, so even if this drops to the price of a normal computer i probably won't get one as it will be a bit too likely to be damaged. Also, I assume you can see the computer from outside too, so anyone passing by will know the home-owner is loaded with cash, so they'll probably be broken into, or at least have a brick thrown through their precious window :p


Could be nice for a car's windsheild; the built in transparent display could work great for gprs 3d navagation [computer Ai voice] " Follow the blue arrow, turn left at stoplight, arriving in 30 seconds..."


I want this on my bathroom mirror!

Oh, and as for the comment about people being able to see what you're doing, apparently it's one way. Personally I'd like to see what it looks like from the other side to see how "one way" it actually is.