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Samsung introduces the 970 Pro and 970 Evo series NVMe SSDs

By Greg S · 12 replies
Apr 24, 2018
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  1. Today Samsung Electronics introduced the third generation of its consumer SSD line with the release of the 970 Pro and 970 Evo. Both utilize the latest V-NAND technology available and feature new Phoenix controllers.

    Following in the footsteps of the previous generation, both NVMe SSDs are built on the M.2 form factor and retain the same PCIe 3.0 x4 interface. Thanks to the new controller, sequential write speeds have improved by up to 30 percent compared to the 960 series.

    The 970 Evo is equipped with a buffer of up to 78GB to help increase write speeds.

    Similar to last generation, both drives are given high expectations for reliability and write endurance. Each ships with a five-year warranty or up to 1,200TB worth of writes on the largest capacity models (a 50 percent increase in write capacity over last year's models). A nickel-coating on the controller has been added along with a heat spreader to keep temperatures down and performance up.

    Samsung rates the 970 Pro at 3,500 MB/s and 2,700 MB/s for sequential read and write speeds, respectively. The 970 Evo keeps the same read speed but drops slightly to 2,500 MB/s for write. A similar trend is followed for random reads and writes with the 970 Pro at 500,000 / 500,000 IOPS and the 970 EVO at 500,000 / 480,000 IOPS.

    The following table shows the write endurance and capacities of available drive models. The 970 Pro comes in either 512GB or 1TB while 970 Evo ranges from 250GB up to 2TB. The key differentiating factor between the two models is the higher write endurance on the Pro series. The 970 Pro utilizes 2-bit MLC V-NAND compared to the 3-bit MLC V-NAND found on the EVO series.

    Capacity 970 Pro 970 EVO
    250GB - 150TB
    500GB - 300TB
    512GB 600TB -
    1TB 1TB 600TB
    2TB - 1,200TB

    Samsung's SSD 960 Evo was recently selected by TechSpot staff as the best enthusiast SSD you can buy - high praise considering it was originally released back in 2016. The competition has narrowed the gap recently but with these new drives, Samsung may have extended its lead once again.

    Both models will be available for purchase worldwide beginning on May 7. Evo models will start at $119.99 for the 250GB model with the Pro series starting at $329.99 for the 512GB option.

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  2. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 11,266   +4,934

    I'm not buying again unless I have to until the prices of 500G drop below $100.
    Uncle Al likes this.
  3. Jamibi

    Jamibi TS Enthusiast Posts: 57   +15

    My 512gb 950 PRO has just died, for some reason the marketplace seller on Amazon UK sent me a US drive so now have to pay for postage to US and back again to replace the drive. :FeelsBadMan:

    You'd think after paying £250 for the drive they'd at least pay to send back an RMA :/
  4. MoeJoe

    MoeJoe Banned Posts: 837   +441

    Samsung is now the overpriced leader on SSDs & smart phones.

    The Apple of Korea...
  5. trparky

    trparky TS Evangelist Posts: 515   +409

    > Samsung is now the overpriced leader on SSDs.
    I dare you to find a better performing SSD with endurance equal to Samsung. I guarantee you won't be able to. Samsung quite literally makes the best darn SSD the industry has to offer, period.
    ForgottenLegion and MonsterZero like this.
  6. MonsterZero

    MonsterZero TS Evangelist Posts: 552   +300

    True dat, 3,500 MB/s and 2,700 MB/s is miles above the 960 Pro, it's worth the price.
  7. trparky

    trparky TS Evangelist Posts: 515   +409

    Yep. If the performance is good then it's worth every penny you paid. People need to realize that if you want good performance you better be willing to pony up the cash. Yes, Samsung SSDs tend to be more expensive than other SSDs but they have more than earned the right to be priced the way they are; they are just that good.
  8. HardReset

    HardReset TS Guru Posts: 649   +261

    960 Pro: 3500 MB/s read and 2100 MB/s write.

    Pretty far from "miles above" ;)
    Lionvibez, ForgottenLegion and MoeJoe like this.
  9. MoeJoe

    MoeJoe Banned Posts: 837   +441

    LMAO @ no clue.
  10. MoeJoe

    MoeJoe Banned Posts: 837   +441

    "How dare you..."

    I haven't laughed this hard with respect to a TS counter post in a VERY long time.
    Thx !

    And the widespread fanboi 'triggering' on this one is Apple-esque as well...
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018
  11. trparky

    trparky TS Evangelist Posts: 515   +409

    Show me an SSD that is as good as a Samsung. I'll wait. The Crucial MX500 is a very close second, I'll give you that.
  12. fktech

    fktech TS Maniac Posts: 522   +136

    I'll have to wait 3 years for the price to drop!
  13. MoeJoe

    MoeJoe Banned Posts: 837   +441

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