Samsung launches Snapdragon 810 Note 4 as Galaxy Alpha is killed off


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Samsung isn't finished with announcements for 2014, launching a new variant of the Galaxy Note 4 before CES kicks off in a few weeks. While most aspects of the Note 4 remain the same, the SoC has received a decent...

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Uncle Al

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Well said! I wish the old phones had the support that many of the old OS's had. I can still find independents that are supporting XT and doing a pretty smart job of it. If Samsung were smart, they would set themselves apart by keeping the support alive. Many an "old" customer would appreciate it and show that by buying a few more phones for their grandchildren! WOW, what a concept ..... lol


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This is sure to impress the folks who just handed over a fortune for the 805 SOC equipped Note 4.
Moral of the story, stay one generation behind the latest and greatest, you're not gonna miss out on much and it'll save you money and frustration.
"'s unlikely the model will be available in other nations any time soon."


Anyway 64 bit SOC's are all marketing hype
This is not about 64-bit. Sure, 64-bit may not be much use in mobile for a while, but going from ARMv7 to ARMv8 is a huge step. Just look at the Apple A8 (based on ARMv8), which outperforms most Snapdragon 80x SoCs despite having half the cores and much lower frequencies.