Samsung mass producing 10nm-class 32GB DDR4 SoDIMMs for gaming laptops


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The modules double the capacity of Samsung’s 16GB SoDIMMs based on 20nm-class 8-gigabit DDR4 that were introduced back in 2014, making them 11 percent faster and 39 percent more energy efficient.

Samsung says the 32GB SoDIMMs are made up of sixteen of its newest 16Gb DRAM chips to create a double-sided RAM module with eight chips mounted on the front and back, allowing gaming laptops to reach speeds of 2,666Mbps—an increase over the previous top SoDIMM speed of 2,400Mbps.

Power consumption—often one of the biggest issues when it comes to gaming noteboks—is also improved. Samsung claims that a 64GB laptop containing two of its 32GB modules consumes less than 4.6 watts in active mode and less than 1.4W when idle, which is a reduction in power usage compared to gaming-focused laptops equipped with 16GB modules.

“Samsung’s 32GB DDR4 DRAM modules will deliver gaming experiences on laptops more powerful and immersive than ever before,” said Sewon Chun, senior vice president of memory marketing at Samsung Electronics. “We will continue to provide the most advanced DRAM portfolios with enhanced speed and capacity for all key market segments including premium laptops and desktops.”

Samsung didn’t reveal any prices for its new SoDIMMs. It said the company is aggressively expanding its 10nm-class DRAM lineup, which includes 16Gb LPDDR4, 16Gb GDDR5, and 16Gb DDR4 for the mobile, graphics, PC, and server markets.

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If you ask me, the words "gaming" and "notebooks" are two words that should never be used in the same sentence. If you want to seriously game a desktop is your only choice.


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If you ask me, the words "gaming" and "notebooks" are two words that should never be used in the same sentence. If you want to seriously game a desktop is your only choice.
Actually after the nvidia 10 series line up and Intel bumping the core count on mobile 8th gen processor line up, its pretty good, I brought 2 laptops one Lenovo with 1050 Ti and i5 and other Acer with i7 and 1060 6 Gb, both work really good for FHD gaming even while running Total war warhammer the 1060 does not break a sweat, given stteings are on High and not ultra but I think that's a fair trade off for portability.
also if you take the ram/GPU prices in equation (given when I brought those), buying a laptop on sale with 1060 6GB is fairly cheaper than building a whole new desktop.


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You're still limited by the cooling capacity of a notebook and even today, notebook processors run significantly slower in terms of MHz than their desktop cousins. Desktop Core i7s can clock as high as 4.4 GHz and not even break a sweat, meanwhile if you try and do that in a notebook the notebook will darn near catch on fire.


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This seems like a great thing for Ryzen laptops!
Most Intel laptops are still on LPDDR3 so... LPDDR4 in ryzen machines will be great for everyone!