Samsung may rethink Galaxy Tab 2 pricing due to iPad 2

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Mar 4, 2011
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  1. Samsung's mobile division VP Lee Don-Joo says its company will have to rethink their pricing strategy now that Apple announced its second-generation iPad. Speaking to the Korean Yonhap news agency, the executive supposedly admitted that Samsung "will have to improve the parts that are inadequate" and may have to forgo its original plan to sell the 10-inch Galaxy Tab for more money than the 7-inch model when it was introduced.

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  2. mario

    mario Ex-TS Developer Posts: 399   +17

    2011: The year of the Flummox
  3. You're the first person I know to say that iPad is catching up with competition. Feels good to hear, thanks for saying that!
  4. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +421

    Seems a bit odd to say the iPad is catching up when they established the baseline to begin with. The iPad 2 is just an improvement over the baseline and arguably the top on price/performance/features.
  5. LOL dude. iPad is very weak when talking about hardware. VGA camera, HD video, no flash, no usb, no flash cards, shitty bluetooth, too heavy, you have to pay for everything. iPad is only for Apple geeks.
  6. princeton

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    Bandwagoning I see.

    The ipad weighs over 100g LESS than the Xoom so your "too heavy" argument is invalid. All the other tablets only have a VGA quality front camera so that's invalid.

    Then you listed HD video as a weakness which is completely *****ic. Finally you listed "you have to pay for everything". That makes no sense. The app store has more free apps then the android tablet apps.

    Protip: Don't jump on the bandwagon when you don't know why you're doing so.
  7. supertech

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    No matter what the doubters say, the iPad is the #1 tablet and the iPad 2 will also be number one. Opions mean one thing but the market decides the success of the product. Most of the tablets that are coming out this year (and the ones that have already come out like the Motorola Xoom) are always playing catchup. It doesn't matter if you have the fastest hardware and all these cool toys if you can't do much with them.

    I have used / tested all touchscreen products (phone's, media players, and tablets) and hands-down, Apple has the best overall experience. Apple has the advantage with their iOS and so far, no one has come close to them. Also, Apple has a majority of the world's touchscreen phone supplies
  8. DokkRokken

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    Better hardware does not equal a more cohesive and intuitive experience. You could stuff an i5 into a 'tablet' but unless the software is up to par, it won't be fun to use; the extra power just means you'll be disappointed that much faster.

    Whether or not the iPad's spec's are worse than a competitor is not a priority for most tablet buyers. Many probably still have P4's, or Athlon's that they're satisfied with using. What they care about is an ecosystem that works flawlessly and carries out applications with little trouble.

    Unfortunately, Apple is the only company that has managed to strike the right balance.
  9. As I see a lot of Apple fanboys don't like to see the real picture and same as Apple company himself live in a twisted world where Apple is the sun.
    Thay cant recognize the real Apple competior in the face of Samsung + Android.
    Let me do my points:
    Samsung having faster product line and is generic completely untill Apple is not.
    Samsung have much more expirience in manufacturing end user products in despite the longest history of Apple which all time belong to some system builders. This can allow Samsung to make it's future line more well done and with spread spectrum if the market erquest this.
    Samsung model is really more light if you look not only the weight but also technology and hardware fitted inside - more connectivity, better cameras, bigger display.
    Also about expirience - I dont see nothing to worry - Samsung step on a fastest growing platform of Android which have much more users and competitors. Indeed if they decide can do exact copy of interface behaivior as an iOS (but wait!!! Apple have patents for everything there-so stay away). With much broader user base and supported device Android will go much faster, secure and relaible in despite Apple iOS.

    At last but not the last one Samsung was not catch in a way alluring, treating and cheating it's own users! Remember the Antena Gate, Death Grip, proximity sensor problem and all other small cheats they do about iPhone 4.

    Indeed Apple is just an market innovator - yes this absolutely true. But beside this I can't see that they are technology innovators too. Why? Let me tell you my oppinion:
    1.Look - their iOS is based on a kernel of BSD (which is prety good, but not "Apple generic"). (NO TECH LEADERSHIP THERE INDEED)
    2.The super thin model like Mac Air was in line of Sony more than year before Mac Air to see sunlight. (NO TECH LEADERSHIP THERE INDEED)
    3.The Pad idea was so long "chewed" in SciFi movies that was just a mater of time someone to do it. There are specialized models of pad devices for medicine mor than 2 years before Apple to come up (ofcourse they was too far form Apples design perfection).Even some strange nonamed Chinese brands have a very poor models as a readers and photo frames with plenty functions before Apple. (NO TECH LEADERSHIP THERE INDEED)
    The only true I can see as Apple leadership is the stong sense of market logic and market "pre-setup". They srike on time with the right product once and after this rest on his laurel's.
  10. aj_the_kidd

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    I would argue that opinion and perception are the main reasons why Apple is so popular and why they have the greater market share. You can actually do quite i bit with the major competing tablets and phones, so i dont know what you are talking about there

    No one has come close to Apple's iOS you say, you sure about that champ?

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