Samsung overtakes Apple as world's top smartphone maker

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Oct 28, 2011
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  1. Samsung leaped past Apple as the world's top smartphone maker in the July-September quarter amid a widening legal battle between the two companies. This is according to research firm Strategy…

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  2. about time
  3. Cream is finally rising to the top in the phone industry.
  4. And on top of that...25% of iPhone's parts are made by Samsung. Lol!
  5. Samsung is also the top oem for windows phones. Weird you'd mention nada and not that.
  6. Tomorrow_Rains

    Tomorrow_Rains TS Enthusiast Posts: 156

    whenever the samsung note comes out

    samsung can have all of my money
  7. Will any time Nokia be once again the leader?
  8. mario

    mario Ex-TS Developer Posts: 399   +17

    Samsung doesn't actually provide a specific number of phones sold, they just say it grew 40 percent and according to some analysts it means 28 million devices.

    And those are phones shipped not sold. So there really is nothing to compare yet, since they don't represent the same thing.
  9. apple is dead long live SAMSUNG
  10. Is this surprising at all? When you have a superior product, you sell more of said product.
    Though all the iphones have tons of Samsung components in them, so they cash in on either sale anyway:
    Inside iPhone 4S...
    - A5 Application Processor: Samsung
    - IPS/Retina Display: LG
    - Dram/Sram Memory: Samsung
    - Battery: Samsung SDI
    - MLCC(Multi Layer Ceramcic Condenser): Samsung
    - Chip Varistor: Amotech (Korea)
    - FC(Flexible Circuitry): Interflex (Korea)
  11. yorro

    yorro TS Booster Posts: 251

    All because of Android.
  12. In other news...The previous report was put out by Samsung dated a day before the release of the iPhone 4s.
  13. And in other news... a flock of iSheep have been working overtime across numerous social networks trying to discredit anything that go against their beloved iPhone.
  14. True, but keep in mind... Nexus Prime is out this quarter as well, so it's irrelevant to bring up iPhone 4S sales at this early stage.
  15. It is nearly not fair. Samsung sells a wider range of smartphones than Apple. Samsung is more adapted to the market than Apple because it can sell not only smartphones with android, windows but it can sell smartphones covering a large range of prices: from cheaper entry ones to the luxury ones. Apple has just the Iphone. Just a thought ...
  16. gcarter

    gcarter TS Enthusiast Posts: 82   +23

    Samsung do indeed make nice phones, incredible hardware etc. However for me, the cases still leave a lot to be desired... feeling very plasticky. I prefer the aluminium surrounds of HTC models myself...
  17. lawfer

    lawfer TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,270   +91

    And here is it ladies and gentleman, this is exactly how I know how much of an iSheep you really are, mario.

    In case you didn't read the title, it says Samsung overtakes Apple as the top smartphone maker. Not seller. Maker. Not quite the same thing.

    Although units shipped are not precisely indicative of units sold, usually the gap between them is little. The higher the units shipped, the higher the demand. Higher demand means higher production, and consequently, higher profit. Economics 101.

    Only units manufactured and fully shipped to retailers are being put into this article's equation. So please, just please...
  18. katoDRAGON

    katoDRAGON TS Rookie

    Thats what i was thinking, iphones could drop dead if sammy decided that it didn't want to support apple anymore, although i dont know why it would cuz thier making good money off it

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