Samsung prioritizing Windows Phone 7 over Android?


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Samsung is reportedly prioritizing Windows Phone 7 a lot higher than previously thought. Despite the fact that Samsung built Google's Nexus Two, it appears that the company may be planning on pushing Windows Phone more than Android, if a rather lengthy article titled "'Crazy growth' in smart-phone market" is to be believed. The article details rapid smartphone progress in Asia and discusses how local companies (including HTC, LG, and Samsung) are pulling it off.

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So a huge corporation is going to stop focusing on a key reason for their monetary growth and put their efforts into an unproven product? Yeah, like that will happen...


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I agree with the author. Samsung has every reason to push Bada since it's their own software platform and adaptable to the different market segments. They will likely concentrate on Android for the mid-range to high-end markets, probably dropping the Symbian platform along the way. If they intend to market Windows Phone 7 handsets, it's probably only at the high-end considering Microsoft's minimum required hardware specs.